This gold mine core sample photo has what’s called a “nuggedy” look-big spaces between deposits. That’s a tip-off that recovery rate will not be profitable and to stay away from this investment.

How to “read” mining photos is just one of the crucial things you’ll learn at our special upcoming seminar:

Geo Tips For Tenbagger Investments: A Streetwise Reports Investor Seminar
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Geo Tips for Tenbagger Investments
A Streetwise Reports Investor Seminar

In partnership with San Francisco Hard Assets' Premium Education Programs Friday, November 16, 2012 9:00am – 1:00pm

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Brent Cook, analyst, geologist and author of Exploration Insights
Quinton Hennigh, geologist, mining veteran and writer for Exploration Insights
Chris Wilson, Ph.D. Geology, owner of Exploration Alliance S.A.
Andrew Tunningly, Principal Exploration Geologist, Exploration Alliance S.A.

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Learn how to recognize tenbagger opportunities from the experts using the most innovative geology and mining concepts. In this exclusive seminar, you'll find out how savvy investors spot the 2% of mining discoveries that can become wildly profitable. Some of the inside secrets you'll learn include

  • How to sift through red-flags, claims, and hype to find real winners
  • How to spot the hidden clues inside mining company press releases
  • How to judge the merits of mining claim photos
  • The truth about recovery rates in gold mining
  • The difference between true drill width and apparent drill width and why you need to know it
  • Which geological formations are likely to prove profitable
  • Which geological formations are likely to prove too costly
  • How to analyze a company's project flow and its impact on the stock price
  • Learn how to forecast which goldmines will be economically viable (for example: how can a 26 million ounce gold deposit NOT be economically viable? We'll show you.)
  • and much more!

Top mining experts will take you through in-depth case studies. Look over their shoulders as they show you what these case studies reveal and how it can lead you to be a better mining investor.

Bonus: don’t miss a special welcome and introduction from Rick Rule, founder of Global Resource Investments Inc., a member of the Sprott Group of Companies

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